Nishang University Software- KAMALEON is a flexible software design to manage any type of University with inbuild templates that are compatible to the Ministry of Public Health , Higher Education and Vocational Training. The software has an online part which is the student course management, fees management , attendance records of teachers, students , course coverage reports, part time hours reports and results portal and the offline version which is the student biostatistics , marks and transcript systems

Online Student Application

We design customized student application systems that allow perspective students to register to an institution anywhere , get admitted according to the laid down rules and receive his / her admission notification by SMS & admission letter by Email

Student Enrollment & Matriculation

We software can help school administrators enroll new students , track enrollment statistics , generate students matricule accordingly and management students biostatistics

Course Management

Our systems offers the best course management tools including course allocations to lecturers per semester and Academic year , student Form B course design , course credit and course hours, Latest date for registration of courses, course coverage and reports

School setup and Management

Our software allows school administrators to set academic years, define when a semester starts and end, define latest date for course registration , uploading of students marks among others

Fees , Scholarships & other incomes

The software allows school administrators to define fees per program and per academic year , awarding of scholarships , receiving other incomes order than fees from student either through cash or by Momo, Fees completed and uncompleted reports , Fee drive reports and Fee payment percentages

Expenditure & Reports

The software allows for recording of all daily expenditure with the school with generated reports of all expenditure

Online Fees Payments & Results

The software allows for online payments of students schools fees and any other related fees through MTN MOMO, it also allows for online transcript application and student online results access provided the students have fulfilled the conditions

Online Student & Teacher Attendance

The software allows for schools to conduct online attendance for all staff and attendance reports are presented at the end of the month. Lecturers can also take attendance of the students offering their course online

Marks & Transcript Management

Our system allows for student Ca Marks , Exams marks and resits marks Management . All marks are processed offline for security reasons before uploading online for students to access. The system have inbuild standard templates and grading systems of all three ministries of higher education in Cameroon


Our Apps allows for notifications and announcements from teachers and from the institution to be sent to students effortlessly Announcements can also be sent to students through SMS when necessary

Security, Simplicity, Quality at the best price


  • Complete Student Management System

  • Complete Fee Management & Control

  • Complete Course Management & Attendance

  • Complete Results Management

  • Complete Part time Teachers attendance and hourly Reports

  • Complete online resit registration & Transcript application

  • Complete Promotion module

  • Android and iOS Apps available


Install KAMELEON directly from device’s store

University School Management system ( KAMELEON)

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